Benefits of Working with a Family Office in Kansas City - FCS

Benefits of Working with a Family Office like FCS in Kansas City



At the FCS Family Office in Kansas City, families always come first. Our team has over three decades of experience with family wealth management and understands all the details that come into play. 

There is a lot of responsibility and nuance that comes with navigating wealth management as an ultra-high net worth family. We know how to simplify the complexities of private wealth management so that you can be confident in your family’s future for generations to come.

FCS: A Boutique Family Office with Global Resources

Working with Wells Fargo gives our family office in Kansas City access to the same resources as the largest and most sophisticated wealth management firms in the world.

However, at FCS we only take on a select number of clients, which allows us to keep a low client-to-advisor ratio and a truly personal relationship with each of our clients. Whether you’re working with our family office or our private wealth team, you’ll be receiving the same dedication and attention.

Seamless process

The FCS Family Office is committed to performance, responsiveness, and discretion. We’re always striving to simplify your life to allow you to better enjoy your wealth. After all, wealth without the time to enjoy it is pointless.

As our relationship evolves, you can expect dedication and personal attention to your unique family life. We remember birthdays and anniversaries and we understand that every family has their unique communication patterns.

Team effort

We’re big believers in team work at the FCS Family Office. That’s why we bring together the best players when we’re strategizing. As a client with our Kansas City-based family office, you’ll work with a Wealth Advisor, Family Investment Advisor and a Family Services Coordinator. At all times your team will be working together to make sure every financial aspect of your life is coordinated.

Comprehensive planning

Our family office team is able to offer customized and comprehensive financial plans on an individual basis for every client. From portfolio construction to asset allocation and plan implementation to charitable giving and estate planning, we cover all the bases.

Ready to step up your wealth management game? Give our family office a call.

Our door is always open at FCS Private Wealth Management. We’re always happy to chat about how our family can help yours navigate wealth management. 

As a premiere asset management company, FCS strives to help our clients determine the purpose of their wealth and develop the best plans to meet their goals. Every client is unique and so is their wealth management plan. We specialize in using the science of wealth management to create a road map for pursuing future objectives, as well as allocating assets tactically for optimal portfolio performance.

At FCS, we want you to tell us what you’d like your money to do, and then we use our expertise to get it done. Reach out, let’s talk.

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