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Building Relationships: The Backbone of an FCS Financial Advisor



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At FCS Private Wealth Management we know that being a financial advisor is not just about being good with numbers. It’s just as important to be a people person. Money is such an integral part of someone’s life, we don’t believe that strategic asset management should be a part-time job. 

Everyone on the FCS staff is hand-selected based on their aptitude, experience, and dedication to providing personalized care for each of our clients. We know that premiere wealth management starts with a well-built team. Trust, competence, and discretion are not just words that we say, they’re actions each financial advisor embodies at FCS. 

Our doors are always open if you’re ready to start the conversation about your own wealth management and experience the FCS difference for yourself.

Trusting Relationships

We know that building a trusting relationship with our clients is not an overnight process. There’s an evolution to it. Most of us have worked in the Kansas City area for decades, and have grown alongside clients who have been with us just as long.

Our intimate wealth management process is designed to make the experience as frictionless as possible for our clients. At FCS, you’re not just a portfolio; you’re a person that we love seeing and want to help succeed. We’re here so you never have to worry about your money again.

Experienced Financial Advisors

FCS was founded by a team with a combined over 100 years of industry experience in wealth management. Each member of our private wealth team is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and our executive team has decades of experience navigating the most challenging markets in history. 

Low Client-to-Advisor Ratio

One of the ways FCS is able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is our low client to financial advisor ratio. By keeping this ratio low, we are able to better serve our clients. It’s much easier to build a relationship with your financial advisor when they’re not bogged down with too many clients. 

Due Diligence

At FCS, we know that cookie cutter financial advisors and asset management aren’t enough. That’s why we develop customized, individual plans for all of our clients. Every client has their own unique hopes and goals for their wealth, so we work with them to discover the purpose of the wealth and devise a plan that will lead to success.

We are always researching the market trends and new investment opportunities to help our clients navigate any type of market environment. 

Ready to simplify your life? Meet with an FCS financial advisor.

There’s no point to having wealth if you’re not able to enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Hiring a financial advisor is the first step to getting back to what matters most.

Our proverbial, and actual, office door is always open. We’re always ready to start the conversation about your wealth management needs. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to sit down with you. 

We’re ready to be here for every step of your financial journey. Whether you’re planning for retirement, putting your children through college, or wanting to contribute to a beloved philanthropic organization.

Start living your legacy, today, with FCS Private Wealth Management in Leawood, Kansas.

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