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Fraud Prevention: Beware of Spoofing



“Spoofing” is a term used to describe scammers who disguise their phone number and/or email address to appear from a source that is familiar or known to the receiver.  For example, the Caller ID on fraudulent phone calls may read “Wells Fargo” or “FCS” and show a legitimate Wells Fargo or FCS phone number, verifiable through online search engines.  A spoofed email will appear to come from your financial institution or advisor, but the domain name or sender email address will be off by a single character or have a slightly different spelling.

These fraudsters will often only have a couple pieces of your personal information, then attempt to obtain more pieces such as your DOB, social security number, account number, address, maiden name, etc.  Be careful when answering calls that appear to come from a legitimate phone number but you do not recognize the caller’s voice or name.  If the caller is obviously probing for personal information through persistent line of questioning, please do not give out any of your personal information.  Ask for their name, phone number and extension and record the date and time you received the call.  Then call your financial institution or advisor directly to report the suspicious call.

Remember to always be alert when sharing personal information via email or phone.  If you do not trust the sender or caller, do not reply to the request but contact the institution or individual directly.



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