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FCS: Your Partners in Wealth Management in Kansas City



We believe we’re not your average asset management company. At FCS Private Wealth Management, we work to provide our clients the highest level of service.  We were named the #56 ranked practice on the Forbes Top Wealth Management Teams rating for Private Wealth*. 

We believe that well-respected financial practices start with a well-built team. Our team has over 100 years of combined industry experience and is well versed in the most sophisticated wealth management strategies today. 

Everyone on our staff is hand-selected based on aptitude, experience, and dedication to providing personalized care for each of our clients. 

With our low client-to-advisor ratio, our clients are more like friends and family than just another name on the books. We’re dedicated to providing premiere wealth management services to our clients in Leawood, Kansas City, and beyond.

What to look for in your wealth management company

Our executive team founded FCS based on the simple notion that having wealth, but no time to enjoy it, is pointless. We want our clients to not only enjoy their wealth, but to do so without worry, which is why trust, competence, and discretion are the 3 pillars that guide everything we do.

Choosing an asset management company isn’t just finding someone who can crunch numbers; you want an advisor who gets to know you. Your needs and your goals are not cookie cutter, so your wealth management shouldn’t be either.

FCS is able to offer the intimacy of a boutique practice while still offering access to the same sophistication and resources provided by the largest financial firms in the world.

We’re divided into two offices so that we can adapt our services for both high-net-worth individuals (via our Private Wealth team) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (via our Family Office). Structuring our team this way allows us to better serve the unique needs of our clients while maintaining our high standards of service. 

*The Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams rating algorithm is based on the previous year’s industry experience, interviews, compliance records, assets under management, revenue and other criteria by SHOOK Research, LLC. Investment performance is not a criterion. Self-completed survey was used for rating. This rating is not related to the quality of the investment advice and based solely on the disclosed criteria.  Private Wealth designates advisors whose account sizes are typically $10mm and above, though may have accounts with lower amounts.

Confident wealth management starts with setting solid goals

You can be confident in our wealth management strategy because our guidance is always tailored to your individual needs. Before anything, your personal financial advisor will develop a comprehensive analysis of your current assets and wealth in order to determine the best way to pursue your goals.

We consider all of the following questions when developing your plan:

  • What are your current and future lifestyle needs?
  • Will you be saving for your children or grandchildren’s education?
  • Are there large purchases you’re planning?
  • Do you plan to support any charitable organizations?
  • What are your objectives for your family?
  • Are there specific passions you want to plan for and pursue, such as long term travel?

No matter what stage you’re at in your career or life, FCS has got you covered with wealth management strategies that work for you

Our approach to portfolio construction always starts with a conversation about the purpose of your wealth and your financial goals. We utilize modern portfolio management theory and tailor each client’s portfolio to their specific needs.

After we’ve established a road map for your finances, we implement it. Sometimes that’s more simply said than done, but our team is well versed in navigating the complicated waters of asset management and are prepared to make it an experience that feels like smooth sailing for you.

More importantly, after we’ve implemented the plan, we review and check in to make sure that your portfolio is performing optimally. With decades of experience navigating different markets and economic realities, our financial advisors are always able to pivot and adjust plans as clients need. 

Goal-driven wealth management

Goal-driven wealth management allows us to develop unique strategies for each of our clients. We’re not trying to achieve an arbitrary goal like comparing with S&P 500 market benchmarks—we’re here to fulfill your specific purpose. 

When we measure the performance of your portfolio, we’re looking at your specific goals and whether your portfolio is set up to pursue them.

By managing your wealth based on your goals, it allows us to focus on your individual needs rather than arbitrary risk/return metrics. Overall, this leads to a greater feeling of confidence and security for you. It’s a more relevant way to measure your investment performance no matter how the overall market is doing.

Are your goals being met? Then we’re doing our job. If they’re not being met, then it’s our job to figure out why.

We’re not just here to manage money—we see each client as a whole person. Our advisors understand that we’re being trusted with our client’s legacies and hopes. We never take that for granted.

Striving to maximize your wealth management strategies

There are multiple aspects we consider and implement as part of your investment plan, and it’s all in the name of striving to maximize your wealth.

Tax efficiency

Tax planning is a critical component of wealth management. Using a tax-efficient wealth management strategy helps you retain your assets so that you can continue building towards your goals. We partner with promissory, well-respected CPAs that help create investment plans that are designed to be tax efficient. We know it’s a priority for our clients, so of course it’s a priority for FCS.

Liability driven overlay

No matter how the market fluctuates, and we know it will fluctuate, you can trust FCS to handle your assets well. We review your portfolio performance and mitigate risk to make sure your wealth is protected and that sudden dips in the market aren’t going to negatively impact your day to day.

Alternative and direct investments

As an FCS client, you have access to a universe of global direct and alternative investment opportunities. We provide opportunities typically only available to institutional investors through non-traditional strategies and structures across a broad range of sectors, regions, and asset classes.

Experienced investment planning

At least one member of your wealth management team will be an advisor and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. A standard of excellence in our industry, the CFP® certification requires rigorous study and a commitment to providing the highest level of investment planning to our clients. 


Wealth management is about protecting your wealth as well as growing it. FCS takes pride in making sure our clients are up to date with the latest in financial security advice. We help our clients navigate identity theft protection and other personal cybersecurity measures.

Consolidated reporting

It’s important that you never feel in the dark about what’s happening with your money. FCS financial advisors use best-in-class aggregate reporting service. 24/7, our clients have access to their investment strategy and portfolio performance via customized reports and models. 

Why choose FCS for your wealth management?

With FCS, you can always trust that we’re going to do what we say we’re going to do. You can relax and be confident knowing that your finances are well kept and working to preserve your well earned lifestyle.

If you don’t determine the purpose of your wealth, then your wealth has no purpose. At FCS, we’re committed to helping you figure out the purpose of your wealth through goal driven wealth management. 

We know that being a financial advisor is not just about being good with numbers. Money is such an integral part of someone’s life, we don’t believe that strategic asset management should be a part-time job. 

Building a trusting relationship with our clients is not an overnight process. There’s an evolution to it. Most of us have worked in the Kansas City area for decades, and have grown alongside clients who have been with us just as long. Our experience is what makes us a well-respected financial practice in the region.

Ready to step up your wealth management game? Give FCS a call.

Our door is always open at FCS Private Wealth Management. We’re always happy to chat about how to best navigate wealth management in Kansas City and beyond. Our team is ready and waiting to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether it’s retirement planning, saving for your children’s college, or supporting a charity you care about.

As a respected financial practice in Kansas City, FCS strives to help our clients determine the purpose of their wealth and develop the best plans to pursue their goals. Every investment plan is as unique as the client it was made for.

We specialize in using the science of wealth management to create the best plan for pursuing your future objectives, as well as allocating assets tactically for optimal portfolio performance to maintain your current lifestyle needs. 

At FCS, you tell us what you’d like your money to do, and we use our expertise to get it done. Reach out, let’s talk.



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