Plan the work.Work the plan. - FCS

Plan the work.
Work the plan.

  • Establish Goals

    This is the fundamental first step. It is a sweeping assessment of how to best manage your wealth to help achieve your goals. We take into account retirement planning, risk management, estate planning strategies, income preservation, tax efficient investing, assisting loved ones, and philanthropy to guide you in how to help achieve the purpose of your wealth.

  • Develop a Plan

    The science of wealth management comes into play at this stage, as we develop an investment plan that will provide a road map for pursuing future goals, applying portfolio theory as the starting point for allocating assets tactically and strategically. Developed by Nobel Prize Laureate, Harry Markowitz, this strategy quantifies an ‘efficient frontier’ or optimal portfolio which is designed to offer the maximum possible return for a determined level of risk.

  • Implement the Plan

    Sounds simple. But with high and ultra-high net worth individuals, wealth management is rarely simple. Our goal is to make the complexities of plan implementation easy to manage. We have many years of experience and are proficient in how to execute the implementation of our clients’ plans.

  • Review Outcomes

    This step is the most important of all. A plan is a snapshot, but life is a motion picture so it is critical to be able to adjust as life dictates. To help give the highest probability of success, we meet with our clients to update and review how their plan has progressed. We review the progress towards their financial goals while continuing to help ensure our clients are achieving the purpose of their wealth.

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