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Are you taking the necessary steps to secure your financial assets? Cybersecurity and identity theft protection are necessary considerations for wealth management in this digital day and age. At FCS Private Wealth Management, we’re committed to making sure our clients and community are equipped with the latest in online security. 

You can use this checklist to assess the current state of your personal identity theft protection.

Password Protection

Use unique passwords for each of your accounts

If every account has its own password, one compromised account doesn’t inherently endanger the others. Further, using an encrypted password manager to store your passwords can help keep them secure without relying on your memory.

Change your passwords regularly

A good rule of thumb is to change your passwords at least 3 times a year. Your more frequently used accounts, or accounts containing more sensitive information, should be changed most often.

Using multi-factor identification 

Using 2-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security beyond having a unique password, so you should utilize it whenever possible.

Protecting Your Credit

Freeze your credit

Freezing your credit is a great method of identity theft protection.This prevents potential thieves from opening lines of credit in your name. A credit freeze doesn’t affect your score and it’s free to implement and pause should you need to open a line of credit for yourself. There are three main credit bureaus by which to freeze your credit; each should have multiple steps for authenticating yourself and keeping your login safe from cyber-intruders.

Check your credit score regularly

Keeping up-to-date with your credit score helps you catch fraud and errors sooner. You can request a report from each credit bureau once a year at no cost.

General Identity Theft Protection Tips

Ask questions before you share information

If you receive a suspicious email or phone call, make sure you don’t hand over your information without double checking who you’re speaking with. It’s also helpful to know whether an institution typically contacts you a certain way.

Dispose of electronic devices safely and securely

When you’re getting rid of a phone or computer, make sure to reset it to factory settings before selling or recycling it. Resetting the device ensures your personal information is completely removed.

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