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3 Ways to Increase Your Personal Cybersecurity | FCS Private Wealth Management



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FCS Private Wealth Management is committed to protecting the cybersecurity of our clients. We partner with industry experts to make sure you have access to the information you need to keep wealth secure.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a term for protecting your data online. So much of our personal and professional data lives online these days, identity theft protection and cybersecurity are necessary components of wealth management.

Common types of cybersecurity threats

Phishing scams

Cyber criminals are continually getting smarter and more sophisticated in their tactics. These days, “phishing” attempts may sometimes appear to be trustworthy businesses or people that ask you to provide your personal information.


Also known as “malicious code” or “malicious software,” malware is a program that compromises the data on your device. You can accidentally download malware by clicking suspicious links or downloading attachments from unknown emails.

Password attacks

Cyber criminals can obtain your password using phishing or malware, but they can also use more straightforward tactics—or just guessing! That’s why it’s important to use a unique password for all your accounts and a password manager to help you remember them!

How you can protect your wealth with cybersecurity practices

Don’t recycle passwords, and use multi-factor authentication

Using a unique password for every one of your accounts, as well as turning on 2-factor authentication, is the first step in protecting your online identity.

Don’t log into banking accounts on public networks

Public Wi-Fi networks (such as the ones available in a coffee shop or airport) are not as secure as your home networks, so avoid logging into your most private accounts when using them.

Don’t click suspicious links

Whether it’s in a text message or an email, if you’re not sure who the sender is or if something seems out of place about the message, don’t click the link or share any of your personal information! Double check with a phone call to the company or person if you’re not sure.

Regularly update your device and back up your data

Keeping your operating system up-to-date keeps your data safe and backing up your data to a hard drive or secondary location makes it easier to reclaim your data if it is stolen.

Cybersecurity is an important pillar of worry-free wealth management 

You can see our identity theft protection checklist for some actionable steps to increase your cybersecurity today. 

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