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Your life is unique, your investment portfolio should be too. When you’re looking for a financial advisor, you don’t need someone who’ll just crunch the numbers and get back to you. You don’t want to be sold or told how to use your wealth either, you want a professional that listens and helps develop an investment plan that puts your money to work for you.

At FCS Private Wealth Management, we know there’s more to building a portfolio than just getting a solid ROI. Goal-driven wealth management is about strategic portfolio construction that puts your unique needs at the forefront. Our team has decades of experience serving high and ultra-high-net-worth clients with our distinct brand of portfolio management in Kansas City.

Why you want a portfolio manager

Enjoy your wealth

At FCS we often say that there’s no point in having wealth if you don’t also have the time to enjoy it. Hiring a professional portfolio manager means you get to spend more time with your loved ones and enjoy your financial freedom.

A focused approach

When you’ve grown your wealth to high or ultra-high levels, managing your wealth has the potential to become a full-time job. Having a full-time financial advisor managing your portfolio means you’ll have the benefit of someone with the time and resources dedicated to helping you meet your financial goals.

Personalized portfolio

No matter where you are in your career and life, you deserve a portfolio that matches your needs. Whether you need a focus on liability-driven investing as you head into retirement or are younger and willing to take a little more risk, your portfolio can—and should—reflect those needs.

Comprehensive planning

With a financial advisor, you have the benefit of someone with the expertise to situate your portfolio in the larger picture of your financial life. 

Well-informed decisions

It’s your financial advisor’s job to stay abreast of changes in the investment landscape and note how those changes affect your portfolio performance. With an experienced professional on your side, you can trust that you’re getting the best guidance in portfolio management.

The steps toward successful portfolio management

Defining Your Investment Goals

The first step to any successful plan is knowing you. At FCS, we always start with a conversation where we get to know you, your financial needs, and your long-term financial goals. 

We consider:

  • Retirement planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Saving for college
  • Estate planning
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Business successions

We can work with any number of unique financial situations and offer flexibility as your goals adapt and change. 

Develop the plan

In constructing your ideal portfolio, we consider your risk tolerance, your time horizon, and your liquidity needs. This is where the science of wealth management comes into play, as well as our use of modern portfolio theory and tax-efficient investing.

We evaluate and select investments in order to maximize your return with respect to your level of risk. With our cross-asset investment strategies, your portfolio will be built to provide optimal growth and your experience is truly customized.

Through our office, you’ll have access to a global platform of non-traditional strategies and structures curated via a rigorous and repeatable investment process.

Review outcomes

Perhaps the most crucial part of the process, we meet with you regularly, at your convenience, to review the results of your investments. As your life changes, your goals might as well, so it’s important to rebalance your portfolio with discretion as needed.

Benjamin Franklin said that death and taxes are the only certain things in this world; we’d like to add “changing markets.” Regardless of the market’s overall performance, you want to be able to trust that your portfolio is performing its necessary functions through/despite any market shifts that may come. 

A dedicated financial advisor reviews events that affect your financial objectives and studies the trends and developments in the investment environment. This information allows your advisor to provide essential guidance for your portfolio.

At FCS, we use a comprehensive aggregate reporting service. 24/7, our clients have access to their investment strategy and portfolio performance via customized reports and models. 

The FCS approach to portfolio management in Kansas City

FCS has a unique approach to private wealth management. We work with each client to determine the purpose of their wealth and design a plan that works to achieve that purpose, seamlessly.

Low client-to-advisor ratio

Unlike a larger investment practice, FCS boasts a low client-to-advisor ratio. Our advisors aren’t just making time for you, but look forward to spending time with our clients. Our low ratio means that your profile is not just a set of numbers—we focus on the whole person. 

We exclusively serve high- and ultra-high-net-worth clients, meaning that you are getting the care and attention that you need from a financial advisor at that level. More than that, our relationship exists at your convenience. Whether it’s over zoom or in person, once a year or once a month, we’ll meet with you on your terms.

Boutique experience

No matter where you’re at in your wealth management journey, FCS has the resources to put your money to work. Retirement planning, tax-efficient investing, saving for college, and charitable giving are just a handful of the areas our advisors are equipped to assist.

Global access

Even as our team provides the hands-on intimacy of a boutique, we have the same access to resources as the largest and most sophisticated wealth management firms in the world. Our clients have priority access to a universe of global direct investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors, regions, asset classes, and structures.

Customized reports and models

You’ll never be in the dark about how your portfolio is performing. We use a comprehensive aggregated reporting service to provide you with reports that you understand as often as you want to see them.

Goal-driven wealth management

Your financial plan should reflect your unique goals and desires, rather than arbitrary risk and return metrics. Is your portfolio going to help you meet your goals? That’s a more relevant way to measure your investment performance, regardless of how the larger market is performing.

A tradition of financial service

For decades, the FCS team has been entrusted by our clients to take care of the details–large and small—of their financial lives. For us, it’s about making the management of great wealth easy. Our lean, 19-member team is focused on excellence and has years of experience navigating some of the most difficult markets in history.

We understand the importance of listening in a job that’s as intimate as a financial advisor. It’s not just a numbers game, it’s about building the life you’ve earned. Your FCS financial advisor starts by gaining an understanding of your dreams and concerns for your financial future. We strive to be natural collaborators, providing you with the necessary tools and insights to pursue your goals.

We’re divided into two offices so that we can adapt our services for both high-net-worth individuals (via our Private Wealth team) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (via our Family Office). Structuring our team this way allows us to better serve the unique needs of our clients while maintaining our high standards of service. 

Experience better portfolio management in Kansas City and beyond

As a respected asset management company, our team at FCS Private Wealth Management focuses on determining the exact purpose of your wealth. We know that every client has unique needs, goals, and desires, so we create customized wealth management solutions.

We love that we’re from the Midwest, and we bring our unique Midwestern charm and work ethic to everything we do. Life’s too short to not work with nice people, which is why we focus on cultivating enjoyable relationships with our staff and clients. Whether you’re Midwest based or reaching out to us from either coast, you can expect the best possible service.

We proudly serve clients from around the country, including Nashville, Napa Valley, Scottsdale, and beyond.

Reach out to FCS to learn more about portfolio management

Through institutional-level asset allocation and completion strategies, customized portfolio construction, and implementation, we’re able to provide our clients with the tools they need to pursue their financial goals.

Investing can be complicated, but your relationship with your financial advisor shouldn’t be. At FCS we like to keep it simple and refined. You tell us what you want your money to do, and then we use our expertise to create a plan.

Give us a call and let us introduce you to comprehensive wealth management. That way you can get back to what really matters, enjoying life with the wealth you’ve earned.

Reach out, and let’s start the conversation.

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