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Benefits of Hiring a High Net Worth Advisor in Kansas City


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Wealth comes with many freedoms and challenges, and the goal is always worry-free wealth management. An experienced high-net-worth advisor can provide that for you. 

FCS Private Wealth Management works with clients from across the country, from Napa Valley to Nashville, and we serve every client with the same level of finesse and discretion. 

Working at an asset management company based in Kansas City, our financial advisors are rooted in Midwestern values. We built this company on a foundation of trust, competence, and discretion to provide our clients with a simplified wealth management experience. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you have the time to enjoy your wealth.

Based on our experience in this space, we’ve created a quick guide on how to find a high-net-worth advisor for your needs.

What to look for in a high net worth advisor

Broad and deep financial experience

With decades of experience navigating the most challenging markets in history, our advisors know how to weather any financial storm. 

Our high-net-worth advisors are based in Kansas City but have experience working with some of the most sophisticated financial management firms in the country. FCS was founded with the goal of providing a boutique firm experience for our clients with access to the same access to resources as the largest firms in the world.

Meticulous portfolio management

Managing wealth starts with a well-formulated plan. We build portfolios with each client’s unique needs in mind. It’s not just about making the numbers work, but making sure that your wealth is serving your ultimate financial goals.

Our portfolio construction and planning process is unique for every client. We discuss everything from retirement planning, to risk management, to charitable giving to make sure your wealth is fulfilling your purposes.

Tax-efficient investment strategies

Tax planning is a year-round process for high-net-worth individuals and a key component of protecting your assets. There are multiple aspects of your financial life that affect your tax planning strategies. Some of these change from year to year, or just with major life events, so it’s important that you have an advisor that keeps them in mind.

FCS works with the best-in-class CPAs to ensure all of our financial planning and recommendations are tax-smart for our clients, whether you’re in the beginning stages of investment planning or are working on setting up your investments for future generations.

Experience you can trust: FCS Private Wealth Management

Give us a call and let us introduce you to worry-free wealth management. That way you can get back to what really matters, enjoying life with the wealth you’ve earned.

Our low client-to-advisor ratio guarantees you the individualized experience and relationship that you need from a high-net-worth advisor in Kansas City, Nashville, or beyond.

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